In 2018, Great IT was started in Malmo, this is where they grow and thrive. They offer high-quality IT consultancy services that go beyond expertise and skills. With great humility and dedication, they dare to challenge the present for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Strategy & Business
Design & Creativity
Tech & Innovation

Large amounts of information also create new demands on structure and quality of the data. With our broad experience in analytics, we help our customers understand their data and make great decisions.

Professional Services

We manage and maintain the operational IT organization and are passionate about technology that creates value for businesses. We help our customers strategically with IT service management and governance, as well as operationally with IT infrastructure and service technology.

Digital Agency

We have extensive experience in system development, integrations, and infrastructure. We assist our customers throughout the entire journey, from idea to strategy, as well as development, launch, and subsequent management and further development of websites or e-commerce platforms.

IT Management

We support businesses in their change management projects. With many years of experience across various industries, we provide solutions and consultants who can lead IT projects securely and efficiently.

Risk & Security

Through a tailored, engaged, humble, and knowledgeable approach, we integrate risk, strategy, and security consulting into our customers' businesses.

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