Zebra Consulting was established in 2022. We started with the vision of "No More Black Box!", making the world more transparent and a little better every day. We are hands-on advisors. We have technologists with great domain knowledge in several industry sectors and business models combined with technical expertise. Our clients are never left alone with a report, prototype, or proof of concept — call it whatever you want —  without having a clear way forward and in control. We are with you step by step, empowering you to take control of the solutions.

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Strategy & Business
Design & Creativity
Tech & Innovation

Unstructured data creates black boxes. We help our customers to gather, structure and manage data, and create integrations for exposing the data in an effective and scalable manner.

Business Apps

We streamline and automate businesses processes and operations trough web development and no-code platforms.

Cyber Security

We help businesses become more secure by taking ownership to the unknown within the organization. Delivered as CISO for hire and advisory services. Managing GDPR and Privacy, Risk and Training.

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